Tranquil Wellbeing

‘Create space for stillness’…

“Meditation is a life skill that facilitates moments of stillness to settle our busy minds and enables the cultivation of awareness for improved wellbeing.” – Mary-Ann Robinson 2020

This truly has been my experience and, as that experience grows, I become more aware. Aware of stress triggers, my response to those triggers and how I can better manage my response. My sleep is very much improved, waking feeling refreshed and positive. Mentally I feel stronger, along with my overall wellbeing, which is more balanced, calm and able to cope. My only struggle now is, I do not understand why some people do not meditate!


Complementary Therapy encompasses a broad range of Massage and Holistic Therapy treatments. The term ‘Holistic’ originates from the Greek word ‘holos’, which translates as ‘whole’. Holistic Therapy encompasses practices that treat the body as one entity and treats an individual as a whole person rather than someone who is sick. Holistic therapists believe overall wellbeing can only be achieved if the mind, body, and spirit are balanced.