Tranquil Wellbeing


“Meditation is a life skill that facilitates moments of stillness to settle our busy minds and enables the cultivation of awareness for improved wellbeing.” – Mary-Ann Robinson 2020

This truly has been my experience and, as that experience grows, I become more aware. Aware of stress triggers, my response to those triggers and how I can better manage my response. My sleep is very much improved, waking feeling refreshed and positive. Mentally I feel stronger, along with my overall wellbeing, which is more balanced, calm and able to cope. My only struggle now is, I do not understand why some people do not meditate!



Meditation courses and classes will provide you with the foundation to begin and develop a meditation practice.  You will be given the opportunity to try different techniques and help find what works for you.  Also, you will get to learn some of the science of meditation and the incredible positive changes to your brain that research has identified.



The term ‘Holistic’ originates from the Greek word ‘holos’, which translates as ‘whole’.  Holistic Therapy encompasses practices that treat the body as one entity.  It attempts to address an individual as a whole person rather than someone who is sick.  Holistic therapists view the human body as one, harmonious system and believe overall wellbeing can only be achieved if the mind, body, and spirit are balanced. Unlike mainstream medical care that cures illnesses as and when they occur, holistic therapy also works to prevent illness from occurring by promoting wellbeing as the key to health and wellness.


These are many reasons why Mary-Ann has introduced DoTERRA Essential Oils to her daily routine. They are extremely beneficial for use in a diffuser, to clean the air throughout the home, and during meditation to encourage relaxation and wellbeing.

DoTerra essential oils are also great for cleaning around the home by adding just a few drops of essential oils to water in a spray bottle. This limits the amount of toxic chemicals otherwise found in shop bought cleaning products.

Book an online overview to understand how you can also introduce essential oils into your daily routine, and encourage wellbeing naturally