Booking & Cancellation Policy

Complementary Therapy Bookings

All bookings shall be processed via the Tranquil Soul Wellbeing online booking system provided by the selected third party supplier. Payment card details may be included in the booking process. All bookings are subject to a 100% deposit payment. 

To comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, and for the purposes of insurance, under NO circumstances shall an appointment be booked on behalf of another person. This ensures that the correct booking details are captured, along with the necessary pre-treatment consultation information relevant to the person receiving treatment(s). Should the purchase of a treatment or treatments be required for the purposes of a gift, prepaid gift cards are available to purchase or arrangements shall be accommodated only by contacting Tranquil Soul Wellbeing in the first instance. Where a booking is made on behalf of another person without prior consent from Tranquil Soul Wellbeing, and a deposit payment has been processed, the appointment will be cancelled by the therapist and the deposit retained. Deposit payments are not transferable between clients under any circumstances.

It is a mandatory requirement for pre-treatment consultation forms to be completed no later than 24 hours prior to an appointment.  This is for the purposes of identifying, and accommodating, physical and mental wellbeing concerns, as applicable.  The forms are also required for insurance purposes.  The information collected will be processed and stored as outlined in the Tranquil Soul Wellbeing Data Protection & Privacy Notice, available upon request or via the business website.

Where pre-treatment consultation forms are not completed 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, a booking cancellation will be applied and chargeable at 100% treatment cost.  The booking deposit payment will be retained, and treatment balance payment will requested via a secure payment link or processed via the card details held on the booking system.


Client rescheduling or cancellations shall be processed up to 1 day prior to the scheduled appointment via the booking system or email. Telephone messages are NOT monitored outside business hours, therefore voicemail or SMS cancellations will NOT be accepted under any circumstances. Where a client cancels or wishes to reschedule an appointment within 1 day of the scheduled appointment time, this will result in the deposit payment being retained. 'No shows' shall also result in the deposit payment being retained. Under NO circumstances shall appointment slots be placed on 'hold' pending client confirmation. In the event that an appointment issue arises, Tranquil Soul Wellbeing shall endeavor to provide a resolution at the earliest opportunity. Where an issue has been identified and the therapist is NOT at fault, deposits shall NOT be refundable. Tranquil Soul Wellbeing reserves the right to refuse further client bookings, without prejudice.

Late arrivals greater than 10 minutes will NOT be guaranteed the full scheduled treatment. Adaptations will be made where possible to accommodate the treatment, however this may be shortened to ensure following client appointments will not be delayed. The treatment shall be chargeable at the full advertised cost. Where it is not possible to accommodate a late arrival, a rescheduled appointment will be offered for the same treatment at a later time / date, however the original deposit payment will NOT be transferrable and will be recharged for the rescheduled appointment.

Prepaid plans / offers, gift card purchases and vouchers are subject to the same booking and cancellation criteria outlined in this policy, however refunds shall NOT apply.

Tranquil Soul Wellbeing reserves the right to cancel or reschedule appointments, change treatment type, change treatment prices or business venues at any time.  Notification of changes will be sent via email, newsletter, SMS, published via social media or on the business website, as applicable, and at the earliest opportunity.  In the event of cancellation(s) by Tranquil Soul Wellbeing, a ‘one time only’ deposit transfer for appointment rescheduling will be offered or refund processed, as applicable.

 Meditation Bookings

The same booking and cancellation policy applies to meditation classes and / or course bookings, as indicated for complementary therapy bookings. Wellbeing declaration forms are a mandatory requirement for the purposes of identifying, and accommodating, physical and mental wellbeing concerns, as applicable. The forms are also required for insurance purposes.

Classes and courses will be conducted in-person at a venue chosen by Tranquil Soul Wellbeing or via a designated video-conferencing application.  Regrettably, the classes and courses offered by Tranquil Soul Wellbeing are not suitable, either at a physical location or via online videoconferencing, for vulnerable adults or individuals under the age of 18.  This is due to safeguarding and insurance limitations.

This policy will be reviewed annually or when a significant business change occurs, whichever is soonest.  The next review date is scheduled for June 2023.

Last updated: 07 June 2022